Colasanti Farms is a 4th generation family owned company growing a large variety of cactus, succulents and tropical plants.

Colasanti Farms was started in 1942 by Aleutario Colasanti. Who was originally a farm labourer and construction worker that worked his way up to purchasing the farm he came to Canada to work. He orginally produced vegetables and other edible greenhouse crops.

In 1955 Colasanti Farms started to expand their greenhouses and began to produce new crops: lemon and orange trees.

In 1972 Colasanti Farms started to specialize in cactus and tropical plants.

Today Colasanti Farms has two locations and a strong partnership with the world's best cactus and succulent growers in San Diego County California.

Our original home location is situated on 35 acres, with 3.5 acres of greenhouse located in Ruthven Ontario Canada. Our second location is located in Lakeshore Ontario just off the 401 with 86 acres of land growing 40 acres of ornamental branches and other outdoor crops with1 acre of greenhouse.

With fresh product constantly arriving from our partners and our outstanding growing process we have consistent supply of hard to find products like Venus Flytraps, 100's of varieties of cactus and succulents, hard to find tropical plants like coffee, banana, olive, fig, asian pitcher plant, tillandsia and more.

Colasanti Farms products add high value to your shelf space and consistently high sell through that generates repeat customer business and increased consumer interest. With our selection of Niche products that target all types of customers from the collector looking for a hard to find cactus to children amazed by the carnivorous plants to the casual impulse plant buyer that has never seen a coffee or banana plant. We believe our products are an important addition to your offerings.

With weekly store delivery available (see our delivery map for details) to the GTA and Niagara peninsula we are able to ensure you have fresh product for key sales times.